Summary of Dr. Thomas Brown's Workshop: ADHD & EMOTIONS [VLOG]

Check out SFV CHADD's upcoming parent support group on Wed, Feb 27 @7pm. I really tried making this a SHORT video but it was a difficult task because Dr. Brown's talk was so packed with insights and examples of how emotions affect individuals with ADHD. I left out the entire portion where he talked about medication and about the 10 common myths about ADHD (something I'll cover in a future video). So, despite the length (21 minutes), I hope you watch all the way through because EMOTION plays a huge role in understanding and responding to ADHD. What you'll learn: 1. How executive functions work together to drive our actions (Driving a car analogy) 2. How your IQ has nothing to do with being ab

Moms, How to Use the Power of your FEMININE Energy [VLOG]

**West LA CHADD Workshop Info here. See you there, Tues 2/19!** Parents, Although the message in this week's Vlog is tailored to moms of boys, it definitely applies universally to all of our relationships. That's because it's based on the laws of human nature and attraction. The laws of attraction (just like the laws of physics) are ubiquitous and govern all of our relationships. One of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to your relationships is the difference between MASCULINE and FEMININE energy. Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy. We are in our masculine energy when we: 1. Plan ahead to reach a goal 2. Take the lead 3. Give directions We are in our

How to Get Unmotivated Students to Take ACTION [INTERVIEW]

Want just the audio? Click here. A lot of parents operate on the false belief that their "unmotivated" child is unwilling to take responsibility, unwilling to prioritize their tasks, and unwilling to take action when it comes to getting stuff done. Especially stuff your child finds mundane, difficult, or not preferred. I challenge parents to question this belief. Because what is often mistaken for a lack of "motivation" is actually a lack of Executive Functioning. When you can understand the root cause of your child's behavior, you can replace nagging, arguing and punishment with compassionate guidance. What does poor Executive Functioning look like? - Lack of engagement and motivation in

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Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD & Anxiety, I can relate deeply to the children and families I serve. 

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