All week Q&A: Homeschooling and EF, 12 tips [VLOG]

"How do I integrate more Executive Function skills into our homeschool curriculum?" This is a great question, and I share 12 insights into how I help my students practice their executive function skills at every session. My last tip is the most important. Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in future vlogs. Post a comment or email me at

All week Q&A: Setting a digital curfew, 5 steps [VLOG]

"How can I make a plan with my child to get them ready to turn things off whether it's the TV or electronics and start winding down for bed school nights? -Naomi" It's near impossible for some kids to put down a screen once they've started....if we are honest, we adults would admit that it's a challenge for us too. So, having lots of understanding and compassion is important if you're going to help your child create a healthy digital routine. I share 5 steps you can take to navigate this conversation with your teen. Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in future vlogs. Leave a comment or email me at

All week Q&A: Procrastinates on projects, 8 tips [VLOG]

"How do you get them to understand the importance of not waiting till last minute to do things. I ask do you need help. no no no 3 or 4 times then last minute they say I'm overwhelmed and ask for help - Ann" Planning and executing projects is a complex skill that your child needs help to develop. If your child procrastinates on big projects, do NOT assume it's because they are lazy, defiant, or willful. Instead, consider the massive amount of executive function they need to complete all of the tasks that project requires. Here are some insights on how to help them practice these skills. Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in future vlogs. Leave a comment or email me at yulia@

I tried everything to help my strong-willed, resistant kid [VLOG]

Many of you have researched and tried A TON of techniques to help your child with executive function challenges but you've hit a wall because your child is oppositional or not open to your help. The problem is that you're stuck in a power struggle. Here's how to eliminate the power struggle and work through resistance to get your child's buy in. I'll talk more about what keeps parents stuck and the seven systems all parents need at TEFOS, the Executive Function Online Summit for parents. August 23-25. Just enter your email and you'll be registered for FREE. Learn game-changing tools from 20 + Experts who totally get your differently-wired kid, plus join a worldwide community of thousands of

My kid gave up on school (do this) [VLOG]

Parents, School is demanding. It demands your kids to work hard, focus, study, and execute a ton of detailed tasks - many that are (let's be honest) monotonous and complicated. Unfortunately, students can't demand that the curriculum be meaningful to them, or that their teacher be engaging. Beyond that, students who have ADHD/executive function challenges do not have the ability to manage the details, time, or their impulsivity so they can actually get stuff done. They need lots of guidance, and to practice the mindsets and the systems they need to turn it all around. But they are not likely to ask for help. This video is about the first step parents can take with resistant kids who have gi

Two types of students & SNO Workshop [VLOG]

Parents, this is a my message to your MIDDLE or HIGH SCHOOL student. Students, learn the reason why you struggle in school, semester after semester, despite how hard you try. And how learning the systems that I teach in my SNO Workshop can help you turn it around. There are two types of students. The first type are highly organized - you love planners and binders because they work help you keep track of all the details. The second type are students who struggle with this stuff we call Executive Function - you have trouble regulating impulses and emotions. You are a big picture thinker who struggles with details and to maintain routines and habits. This is my message to all of you second type

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Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD & Anxiety, I can relate deeply to the children and families I serve. 

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