STOP homework battles with baby steps [Vlog]

Hi parents, Before you watch this, you should know where I stand with homework and our current system of schooling. I believe our standardized, assembly-line system of education (in the USA) is deeply flawed and in need of radical reform. While I do believe some homework can be meaningful and can teach valuable skills, I think homework in general causes more harm than good. In this video, I outline step-by-step how I use homework as a vehicle to help my students build their executive function skills using easy baby steps. This is in response to the question: "How can I best motivate my child to even start their homework?" You will learn: 1. Why motivation techniques, rewards, and punishme

My guilty pleasure, self care

If you've taken my Parent Self-Assessment, then you're familiar with the seven systems I help parents practice. Of all the systems, I would rank self-care as one of the most urgent priorities, and yet it's one that most of you neglect or view as a guilty pleasure. So many of you put your own needs last - and believe me, I get it. There are always fifty perfect excuses why you can't take that bubble bath, or that art class, or do whatever it is your heart desires. This video is about my own struggle to develop healthy self-care habits and why this is one of the most important life skills you can model to your child. Leave a comment or email me at to share which sel

"I've tried that already, it doesn't work." (5 reasons why) [VLOG]

Parents, This is my response to a statement I hear often in conversation..."I've tried that already, it doesn't work." In this week's Vlog, I share five most common reasons why my advice hasn't worked for you, yet. I say yet because when you become mindful of these subconscious patterns that may be keeping you stuck, you can start to turn things around in a meaningful way. This stuff works if you work it! All my best, Yulia P.S., Click here to listen to the audio version of my Open Letter to Parents.

An Open Letter to Parents [Audio]

Click here to listen on Anchor Podcasts. Click here to listen on Spotify. ------ TRANSCRIPT ------ Dear Parents, Your subconscious mind is programmed to control 95% of all your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This "autopilot" mode explains why you have a certain way you do things - the way you gesture with your hands, the way you laugh, chew your food, and the way you parent. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that, if you are not mindful of your patterns and how they affect your child's development, then you may be repeating some painful habits that are keeping both of you stuck in a seriously dysfunctional routine. 5 Signs you're a micromanager Micromanagement is a habit rooted

All week Q&A: Elementary school homework, 7 tips [VLOG]

"What’s the best time for homework when your child has executive function challenges that leave him exhausted after school? Is it better to keep up momentum and just encourage them to “get it done” or is a break a better idea? How long is too long? Any other recommendations for making homework time less frustrating for elementary school age children? We’ve been considering getting a swing set or trampoline to use after school, before homework. Thank you!" - Suzanne This may be an unconventional message - mainly because I don't believe that most of the homework assigned to elementary school kids is meaningful or that it actually enriches their education. In fact, it turns a lot of kids off of

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Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD & Anxiety, I can relate deeply to the children and families I serve. 

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