Consequences don't teach SKILLS [VLOG]

The behavioral symptoms of ADHD are the result of a developmental delay in Executive Functioning and emotional regulation. In this Vlog, I break down why rewarding or punishing away behaviors does NOT work to build long-term skills and how teaching executive functioning compares to teaching the skill of reading. “We all want our own way; some of us have the skills to get our own way adaptively, and some of us don’t.” ― Dr. Ross W. Greene In Service, Yulia

How to trade POWER for INFLUENCE [VLOG]

The single biggest complaint I hear from your kids is, "My parents won't listen to me." The single biggest complaint from parents is, "My child won't talk to me." In this Vlog, I talk about how to solve problems through connection and collaboration. (Based on Dr. Ross Greene's collaborative and proactive solutions model.) Resources mentioned in the video: 1. Bill of Rights For Behaviorally Challenged Kids (PDF): 2. ALSUP Checklist (PDF): “The long-term answer to a kid not caring about your concerns is to care more about his.” ― Dr. Ros

When autism grows up with Coach Lynn C. Davison [Interview]

Find the audio version here: Parents, If the thought of your child becoming an independent adult seems like an impossibility right now, please know that that's OK. Raising a differently-wired child means letting go of the traditional roadmap to adulthood and helping your young adult design their unique path toward a fulfilling life that they can manage - one step at a time. In this interview, life coach, Lynn C Davison and I boil down the process of parenting into a concrete system that helps you shift from the impossible to the possible, and into the inevitable. In service, Yulia P.S.

Hi! I'm Yulia,


Executive Function Coach for individuals and families based in Los Angeles, CA. 

I am  a passionate advocate for misunderstood kids, because I was one too! 


Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD & Anxiety, I can relate deeply to the children and families I serve. 

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"Nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.”  — Dr. Seuss