January 27, 2019


Is your child is stuck in a vicious cycle of failure?

Are they failing a class, several classes? Failing to keep their backpack organized? Failing to turn in their work? Failing to brush their teeth most nights? Failing to "launch" in general?...

January 22, 2019


#1 Elementary School Teacher | Dolores Huerta Elementary

ME:  I just thought for the longest time that education was broken. And I grew up in the city and I grew up gong to public schools and

I'm so excited that for the first...

January 18, 2019

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a certified coach, author, and co-Founder of Impact ADHD, and co-creator of Sanity School. This week she hosted a workshop called "Why are you yelling? Taming the Triggers and Turning the Family Volume Way Down."

In this Vlog, I...

January 1, 2019


It's the last day of the year and the perfect time to reflect back on 2018 before you sweep it (and the confetti) under the rug. I highly encourage you to take 20-30 minutes in the next couple of days (and throughout the year!) to practice th...

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