What is the MIRRORING technique? [VLOG]

Parents, how many times has this happened to you?

It's a weekday morning, you've got a few minutes to get out the door to get to school on time, and your child simply refuses to put on their jacket, or their shoes, or do some other super simple task.

And no matter what you do or say, they JUST WON'T LISTEN...

This can be SO frustrating and overwhelming, and for many parents, this is a recurring morning hassle.

This video is a response to an email I received from Chelsea, mom of a seven year old, who wanted to share her question with our audience. I read her detailed question in the video, but basically Chelsea asked, "How do I get my daughter to listen to me when I ask her to do something she does not want to do?"

Chelsea, thank you so much for your question, I can't begin to tell you how common your story is, and how many parents can relate to your struggle.

In this video I walk you through the powerful communication technique called MIRRORING, that helps parents to build a strong rapport with their child, to empathize with them, and to more effectively communicate with your child when you need them to get something done.

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