Homework over Thanksgiving Break? Don't do this.

For students who struggle with AD/HD and with executive functioning issues, transitions can be difficult. Especially the transition from a preferred activity to one that they would prefer never to do again (a.k.a. Homework).

That's why when it comes to executing their homework over the thanksgiving break, kids with executive functioning issues will procrastinate, have difficulty getting started, and have difficulty maintaining focus.

But it's not because they're "lazy" or that they "don't care" enough.

It's because they haven't developed the executive function skills that allow them to overcome emotional overwhelm, prioritize their tasks, plan concrete steps, and sustain focus on something they may find boring, irrelevant, or difficult.

See, while parents may think of homework as one task to do, in reality, it's a complex task for our brains because it takes all of those executive functions working together in order to execute on our goal.

For kids who struggle in school and have a negative relationship with learning, or who feel "dumb," it's that much harder to feel that the homework is worth their time and effort.

The good news is, that that your child can build these skills with practice over time. In this video, I share the same tips that have helped my students get their work done efficiently and effectively so that they (and you!) can enjoy the holiday.