Moms, How to Use the Power of your FEMININE Energy [VLOG]

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Although the message in this week's Vlog is tailored to moms of boys, it definitely applies universally to all of our relationships. That's because it's based on the laws of human nature and attraction.

The laws of attraction (just like the laws of physics) are ubiquitous and govern all of our relationships. One of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to your relationships is the difference between MASCULINE and FEMININE energy.

Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy. We are in our masculine energy when we:

1. Plan ahead to reach a goal

2. Take the lead

3. Give directions

We are in our feminine energy when we:

1. Are present in the moment

2. Use our senses, feel our body

3. Are joyful & playful

Learn how to use the power of your feminine energy to bond with your child by creating a safe space for them to step into when they need your support or just want to cuddle.

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