Let your CHILD be the CHOOSER of their choices [VLOG]

Parents, do you try to help your child make the RIGHT choices? Or do you encourage them to make their OWN choices?

In this Vlog, I reflect on a page in William Martin's book, Ancient Advice for Modern Parents and discuss the idea of letting your child be the chooser of their choices. (Full page is transcribed below).

If this message resonates with you, let me know how will you translate this message into your day-to-day actions? Email me at to share your thoughts.




If you carry great expectations

for your children,

they will carry great burdens.

If you try to make them good,

you will create instead their vices.

Let your teaching be subtle.

Let your strength reside

in your flexibility.

Let your virtues be natural,

and not affected.

If your children are treated

with modesty,



and joy,

what are they likely to learn?

There is nothing more important

than the integrity of your life.

You cannot teach,




or force,

any virtue.

You can only demonstrate.

Put your best effort forth

on your own actions,

not those of your children.

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Executive Function Coach for individuals and families based in Los Angeles, CA. 

I am  a passionate advocate for misunderstood kids, because I was one too! 


Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD & Anxiety, I can relate deeply to the children and families I serve. 

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