MindFull Minute #4: Impulses VS Systems [VLOG]

Dear parents,

How do we get kids to change their habits? To create more functional routines? How do we get them to think for themselves, to plan ahead, to get organized, and to get stuff done even if they don't feel like it? How do we encourage kids to act in their best long-term interest?

If we take away the details and look at the heart of these questions, we'll see that what we're really asking is, "How can we help kids act less impulsively and delay their gratification?"

For that, we need to help our kids become SYSTEMS THINKERS. I explain what that means in this week's MindFull Minute.

With gratitude,


P.S., For your reference, here's a snapshot of the problem solving system I talk about in the video above. Click on the image to see the full Vlog.

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