REPLAY: Self-Care Saturday [& Raffle]

Dear moms,

Here's the replay of last week's Self-Care Saturday Bonus workshop I co-hosted with Health Coach, Jeannie Kulwin, as part of her 3-day Stress Detox.

This self-care session was about how to not feel selfish and and finally make yourself a priority. This is perfect for moms who struggle to find time, energy, or motivation for self-care, and who want to learn more strategies for helping themselves and their kids be more calm, more patient, and more present.

Here's what we covered:

1. Self-Care Scales & Group Shares

2. 5 types of stressors

3. Reframing your child's misbehavior as stress-behavior

4. How Executive Functioning is affected by stress

5. How to shift your mindset to feel more joy

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P.S., As a BONUS to those of you who participated or watched any day of the 3-day Stress Detox Replays, we are raffling off 3, 45 minute coaching sessions with Jeannie or me. Fill out this super-short survey to enter the raffle. Winners announced later this week.