What is my mini-course about?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Hi Parents,

Here's a video update about what to expect from my new mini-course and how it can help you develop better executive functioning (self-regulation) so that you can parent from a place of calm and confidence.

That means no more arguing, yelling, reminding, micromanaging, and feeling defeated.

All of this can be changed.

But what can make change feel impossible is the deep down belief that you're not strong enough.

I call BS on this belief, and I can prove it.

The problems you are experiencing right now are not unique to you.

They are highly predictable and recurring.

That means you can take action to get ahead of each problem before the next time it happens to disrupt the pattern that sets it off.

What's keeping you stuck in your habits is your resistance and/or your child's resistance to change.

What is the root cause of resistance and how can you get through it to find your flow?

90% of all your thoughts, feelings, and actions are a result of your "autopilot program" - your subconscious mind. The resistance you feel when trying to manually override your autopilot is caused by unresolved, subconscious fear of change.

In physics, resistance is a force that is working against an object.

That means 90% of your brain is working against you.

This course is designed with activities that help your subconscious get on board with change and work for you, so that you can take consistent action to solve your problems.

I show you exactly how to get through resistance and navigate change so that you do it calmly and confidently.

In service,