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Masterclass: Drawing out the Best in your Family

Join me and Creativity Guru, Jon Pearson for an extended, deep-dive Masterclass exploring a drawing tool that will revolutionize how you think, learn, and get stuff done!

We'll hang out for 3 hours on Saturday, November 12th, from 9am-12pm PST.

Click below to purchase your pass for $45.

All registrants will be emailed a zoom link within 48 hours of registering. If you do not receive your zoom link please email me at

Here are some reviews from our last workshop:

I LOVE THIS! You need to write a book!

This really helps me envision how I might build more practical tools into my family's day. Coincidentally, just took a mini-course with Dan Siegel introducing his new Tween "NowMaps" book that discusses how to help tweens navigate their big emotions with "mindsight" for "integration" to get to a better, more confident place. --Your workshop helped me see how drawing can be an incredible tool for integration!

YEAH!! Terrific! Thank you for the exuberance and excitement about sharing this process.

You made it fun and easy to understand. I like that!

I totally enjoyed this…. Very useful

Loved the ideas and excited to try - like the practical real life stories of how the strategy has played out for others

This is such an innovative way to approach these battles/struggles/and can be applicable

This was so informative and eye-opening, and the examples were clear illustrations of how the drawing tools can be applied.

About the Masterclass...

For those of us working with an ADHD brain, thinking inside of our mind can feel like trying to listen to a radio station that’s got static, or whose signal fades in and out. This surprisingly easy brain hack helps us tune into our thoughts and activate our brain's executive function.

After years of studying and integrating this tool into my personal life and my coaching programs, I've got some fascinating case studies to share. And Jon has some fun activities for us to test-drive this tool together.


  1. Tune into your thinking instantly

  2. Activate the brain's executive functions

  3. Connect to your child in new, unique ways

  4. Unlock your child's natural curiosity & learning

  5. Neutralize negative emotions & quiet the inner critic

  6. Draw out the best in your child/ student/ family

About Jon Pearson...

Jon Pearson is a writer, speaker, artist, and creative thinking consultant. As a kid, he wanted to be President of the United States, an Olympic athlete, and a world famous cartoonist. Now, he just wants to save the world. And he feels the best way to do that is to help people unlock their imaginations so they can lead wiser, happier, funnier lives.

Jon has worked with more than one thousand schools and one million students, teachers, parents, and administrators across the planet. He has a reverence for the genius of childhood and a belief that courage, caring, and creativity still can save the world.


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