Bully Boundary: developing emotional Aikido [VLOG]

April 16, 2019

Hi Parents,


Last week I had a chat with a mom about her young son who was being bullied at school. During our conversation, I mentioned a really valuable interview I had heard on the radio earlier that week about dealing with difficult people and stressful situations. 


(I was able to find a link! I highly encourage you to listen to this NPR interview with psychologist Lisa Damour.) 


In this Vlog I share the same tips I discussed during our call and summarize Lisa Damour's awesome interview about dealing with conflict. 


What you'll learn:


1. How to work with your school's intervention team.

2. How to teach your child to set boundaries using a few simple images.

3. How to respond to a bully using Emotional Aikido


See you in the video,




P.S., Here are the resources mentioned in the video:


NPR Interview Link:



LIsa's Book: 

Under Pressure: Confronting The Epidemic Of Stress And Anxiety In Girls.




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