When autism grows up with Coach Lynn C. Davison [Interview]

December 2, 2019


Find the audio version here: https://anchor.fm/alpha-parent/episodes/When-Autism-Grows-Up---Interview-with-Coach-Lynn-C--Davison-e99urb 





If the thought of your child becoming an independent adult seems like an impossibility right now, please know that that's OK. Raising a differently-wired child means letting go of the traditional roadmap to adulthood and helping your young adult design their unique path toward a fulfilling life that they can manage - one step at a time.  In this interview, life coach, Lynn C Davison and I boil down the process of parenting into a concrete system that helps you shift from the impossible to the possible, and into the inevitable.


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P.S., You can find Lynn on her website at www.LynnCDavison.com; on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WhenAutismGrowsUp; or email her at lynn@lynncdavison.com.




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