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Raising a child who struggles with ADHD can be baffling.

I help misunderstood teens and misguided parents create better systems for getting along and getting stuff done. 

(Hint: It has to do with Executive Function)

Subscribe above to get my  Good Kids, Bad Habits Guide to learn the exact mindsets and systems that make raising a child with ADHD way less complicated, and way more joyful.

I explain Executive Function in plain English and share concrete solutions that help you parent more intentionally and model the skills you want your child to learn.

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What parents are saying...

Yulia has been such a find. She brings together in one place everything I’ve been looking for: executive function coach, parenting coach, and mindfulness practitioner. Her considerable intellect and expertise are balanced by genuine warmth and compassion.

We have benefited tremendously, both individually and as a family, from our work with her. 

Lori,  Encino, CA

Yulia, you are a game changer. J--- is in such command of school, and while we know he is maturing and invested and present, your influence is unmistakable. His grades are just a reflection of effort. We always knew he has the ability. His mother and I are very very grateful you are in our kids' lives.  - Peter, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much Yulia!! I truly appreciate your input, support, and professional guidance.  I really like the how to find your center again and silent move tips, I will make my best effort to put them in practice. I'll also try the activity with M---, he'll love it!! Thank you sooooo much!! - Meg, Los Angeles, CA

I have been practicing a lot, and as long as I keep it up I can be that Alpha parent almost all of the time now. But the others still come out sometimes. You inspired me to want to do some kind of inner-critic work! - Heather, Sherman Oaks, CA

I love Yulia’s wisdom, priceless advice!! If we just invest time and energy, we can cope with anything and keep the peace in our homes! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise with us! M.A. Burbank, CA

Mindfull Education offers clear, relevant and concrete tools for helping people develop and understand Executive Function and so much more! Yulia is sympathetic to and knowledgable about common problems that families face, and has research-based solutions for all kinds of people! - Michelle, Los Angeles, CA

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