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About the families I serve.

The families I work with have similar stories. You've told me...


Your child was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Executive Function issues, or Oppositional Defiance Disorder. 


Your child is struggling in school, has trouble maintaining healthy relationships, and has low self-esteem. You've hired tutors, therapists, and behavior coaches for your child only to see modest improvements. 


You're worried about your child's future and about their lack of focus and motivation. You're tired of the constant power struggles, arguments, and tension between you and your child. 

You are baffled by your child's defiant or dysfunctional behavior.  You've unsuccessfully tried punishing, lecturing, and bribing your child's bad habits away.


Worse yet, you've told me that you feel ashamed because you can't seem to figure out what's wrong with your child or what you can do to help.


You feel alone in your struggle and feel judged by your family and friends. You feel like a terrible parent.


That's why after a decade of working with kids, I have a message for you...


There's nothing wrong with your child, and there's nothing wrong with you.


The biggest difference between the relationship that you have with your child and the relationship that you want to have with your child is your mindset.


In order to transform your relationship with your child, you must first believe that change is possible and then understand what change looks and feels like.

About my approach.

I help you understand the root cause of your child's behavior, and show you how to use every challenge as an opportunity to help your child learn and grow. You will learn:

  • The root cause behind your child's feelings and habits. 

  • How to create and hold an emotionally safe space for your child. 

  • How to help you regulate your emotions and help your child co-regulate with you.

  • How to practice being present with your child so they feel heard, seen, and understood.

  • How to listen and communicate assertively without lecturing, bribing, or nagging.

  • How to lead with your actions instead of your words.

  • How to develop functional routines throughout your day.

  • How to help your child develop their executive functions.

  • How to advocate for your child in school.

  • And much more...  


Sessions are collaborative, engaging, and tailored to your specific goals and learning style. I work with parents and teens (ages 12-17) to help families tackle a variety of issues that stem from executive functioning deficits such as:

  • Lack of engagement and motivation in academics/school. 

  • Disorganization, losing important items.

  • Emotional overwhelm and anxiety. 

  • Poor time management, planning, and prioritizing.

  • Dysfunctional routines and lagging skills.

  • Communication, asking for help, and self-advocacy. 

In some cases, I will work with 6-12th grade students to tutor academic subjects, support with test-prep and projects within a framework of executive function coaching.  Each family has unique needs, so I always start with a thorough assessment that allows us to create a plan that's specific to your goals. 

I am a passionate advocate for misunderstood kids, because I was one too.  Having grown up with undiagnosed ADHD and an Anxiety Disorder, I can deeply relate to the children and families I serve. 

After a decade of coaching and consulting over a thousand families, I came to two important realizations.

First, the students who fell behind in school weren't necessarily less intelligent than those who excelled - in fact many were gifted. Instead, they lacked the Executive Function Skills to regulate their emotions, to prioritize tasks, and to manage details.  

Second, the parents I met believed that there was something deeply flawed about their child that they needed to "fix".  Many tried short-term solutions like hiring tutors, giving prizes for good grades, taking away preferred activities, or micromanaging their child to get them to change their habits. This led to strained relationships, arguing, and power-struggles. 

I developed my coaching program to walk parents through the exact science-based systems and mindsets I use when I'm coaching your child. 


I am absolutely passionate about my work because it allows me to advocate on behalf of children, and to serve families in a meaningful way.  To learn more about my journey, check out my Linkedin page. 

About me.

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