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Middle & High School Students

Small  Group  &  1-on-1  Coaching, Fall 2019  

Parents, please read​ before contacting


"There is no such thing as a lazy kid, a bad kid, or a stupid kid." - Dr. Stuart Shanker

Successful students have one thing in common, and it's NOT motivation!  What they do have are well-developed Executive Function abilities (prioritizing, self-starting, organizing, shifting focus, managing emotions, etc.). 

The students I coach struggle to get things done because their brain's executive function systems aren't fully equipped to manage all of the demands and details of school and life. These kids are often mistakenly labeled as lazywillful, or unmotivated.

What do Executive Function (EF) challenges look like?

  • disorganized, "scattered"

  • cannot delay gratification, impulsive, impatient

  • trouble getting started, staying focused

  • procrastinates on homework or projects

  • difficulty with transitions, completing routine, difficult, or boring tasks

  • does not plan, hates planners, time blind

  • easily distracted, cannot follow directions, persist on tasks

  • easily frustrated, annoyed, bored

  • spends too much time on media

  • resistant to help, dishonest, avoidant

  • overreacts when something doesn’t go their way

  • has difficulty maintaining positive relationships, advocating

  • loses important items routinely

These are not “bad habits.” These are signs that your child is struggling to regulate their emotions and behaviors, and is stuck repeating self-defeating habits. If they could do better, they would!

I love helping these complex, creative, outside-the-box thinkers develop the systems and practices that they need to successfully navigate school, build on their strengths, and reach the goals that are meaningful to them.

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • students feel more confident and successful

  • parents feel more calm, less worried about their child's future

  • stop homework battles, more peaceful home

  • more fun, deeper learning, less stress

  • understanding of Executive Function systems, self-regulation

  • enhanced metacognition, mindfulness, self-reflection/awareness

  • develop tools for regulating stress and emotions

  • learn how to work through resistance, delay gratification

  • effective self-advocacy, improved relationships with teachers

  • better organization, learn paper management, backpack, and planning 

  • accountability, compassionate guidance

  • higher quality learning and work, work smarter, not harder

  • improved grades and test scores (this is not a focus, but a byproduct of the above)

Will coaching help us​? 

There is no cookie-cutter approach to coaching. I work with students and parents who want to  learn new mindsets, success systems, and skills they ned to create meaningful change. This requires a commitment from student and parent to practicing new habits consistently over time. I am deeply committed to the progress of the students and families I coach, and spend time developing authentic and supportive relationships. I want my students to enjoy our sessions, have fun, explore their creativity, and develop their independence.

Just to make extra sure we are the right fit, here's a video I made about four reasons not to hire me.

Fall 2019 Offerings


Below are a list of all my Fall offerings from which we can create a fully customized program. I work with a limited number of local students and we design your enrollment based on your specific needs. Fill out the form on this page to secure your spot on my call-back list for the Fall semester. I'll reply asap in the order received and give scheduling priority on a first-come, first-serve basis. I provide a free initial call and meet & greet with families with absolutely no strings or obligation.

NEW Offerings* at The Legacy Center, Woodland Hills

In addition to in-home services, I also meet with students in Woodland Hills. The LC is a beautiful and cozy multi-purpose community space that feels like home. Complete with couches, a grand piano, and a fully-designable workspace. Check it out here.

  • Twice Monthly Sunday Overhauls: This is a hands-on, group workshop that maintains your child's planning, paper management, organization, and advocacy systems through the entire semester. (Meets on Sundays, 2-5pm: 9/22, 10/6, 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15) *Includes initial in-person meet & greet. 

  • Study groups/ Co-working groups: Schedule as needed. 

  • 1-On-1 Sessions:  Weekday & weekend appointments available in a small-office setting.

  • Location: 6011 Variel Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

In-home sessions

  • Weekend Overhauls: An intensive two-day bedroom, backpack, and study space overhaul. 

  • 1-On-1 Sessions:  Weekday & weekend appointments available in the comfort of home. Minimum 1.5 hour per session. 

  • Parent coaching:  I teach you how to coach your child. 

Phone / Skype coaching 

  • Regularly recurring phone sessions: 60-90 minute sessions on zoom, skype, or call for students and/or parents.

  • Responsive call/texts:  Reminders, check-ins, quick sessions. 

Contact me


Please fill out this contact form to inquire about group or 1:1 coaching. 

Thanks! I will conact you asap.

What parents are saying


Very eye-opening. I was given new tools for working and dealing with challenges w/ my child.  - David K.

Yulia, you are a game changer. J--- is in such command of school, and while we know he is maturing and invested and present, your influence is unmistakable. His grades are just a reflection of effort. Peter

Great time. Great tools. THANKS! - Adrian A.

I got a lot out of today - I am also grateful to be reminded to think about my kid's emotional state and the "why" of their behavior.  - Lisa


Got some points not only for my kids, but myself. GREAT - Dorise J.

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