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SNO: Sunday Night Overhaul 

Sunday, August 25th,  2-5pm

$99 per family 

A workshop for families with middle & high school

students who struggle with Executive Function 

Parents, welcome to the Sunday Night Overhaul (SNO)!

More than a workshop, SNO is a weekly practice for students who struggle in school because of ADHD, Autism, anxiety, 2E, or Executive Function challenges.  


What do Executive Function (EF) challenges look like?


  • disorganized, "scattered"

  • cannot delay gratification, impulsive, impatient

  • procrastinates on homework or projects

  • does not plan, hates planners, time blind

  • easily distracted, cannot follow directions, persist on tasks

  • easily frustrated, annoyed, bored

  • resistant to help, dishonest, avoidant

  • overreacts when something doesn’t go their way

  • difficulty with transitions, completing routine, difficult, or boring tasks

  • has difficulty maintaining positive relationships, self-advocacy

  • spends too much time on media

  • loses important items routinely

These are not “bad habits.” These are signs that your child is struggling to regulate their emotions, and is stuck repeating self-defeating habits. If they could do better, they would!


In this hands-on workshop, you and your child will learn game-changing systems that will help them finally turn things around in school.

What are the benefits for your family?

  • stop nightly homework battles for a more peaceful home

  • respond effectively to your child's resistance

  • get an in-depth understanding of Executive Function

  • get strategies for regulating stress and emotions

  • enhance metacognition, mindfulness, self-reflection 

  • get organized with paper management, backpack, and planner systems

  • learn the SNO, a weekly systems overhaul 

  • learn effective self-advocacy for students

  • BONUS: expert advocacy advice from Stand Out Advocates

RSVP NOW! SNO is limited to 15 families.

In service and gratitude,

Yulia Rafailova

EF Coach for Individuals & families

P.S., Here's a video I made just for students about SNO.

SNO family Workshop August 25th,  2-5pm

$99 per family 

  • When: Sun, 8/25/19 2-5pm (doors open at 1:30pm)

  • Where: The Legacy Center, 6011 Variel Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

  • Parking: Large lot in back - enter on Oxnard

  • What to bring: Your kid(s), their backpack, planner, syllabi, notebooks, folders, school supplies.

Email me with questions:

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Thank you!

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What parents are saying...


Very eye-opening. I was given new tools for working and dealing with challenges w/ my child.  - David K.

Yulia, you are a game changer. J--- is in such command of school, and while we know he is maturing and invested and present, your influence is unmistakable. His grades are just a reflection of effort. Peter

Great time. Great tools. THANKS! - Adrian A.

I got a lot out of today - I am also grateful to be reminded to think about my kid's emotional state and the "why" of their behavior.  - Lisa


Got some points not only for my kids, but myself. GREAT - Dorise J.

Great presentation! Many items & principles I can implement at home and use for MYSELF as well as my children. - Jocelyn

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