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I took my first steps walking only on my toes.  My parents were convinced that I was going to be a ballerina.  At the age of four, I started dance classes. I spent years learning every dance move from tap to jazz and every style in between.  I practiced endlessly, determined to make it! Could I be a dancer on Broadway? Was it possible to be a Rockette? As a young child, our dreams are open-ended and limitless!


After many frustrating moments, when I couldn’t jump as high as the best dancer in class, when my muscles were extremely sore, and lead dances were given to others, I came to the realization that I better have a backup plan. 


I always had a love for children and it led me to pursue a degree in Education. After college, I became an elementary school teacher. First, in the inner city and then at an award winning school in Chicago.  We started every day with music and movement to lower stress and increase joy! My students were my most enthusiastic audience. 


Many years later, I worked as an Education Consultant with the University of Chicago, and received a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies and Curriculum. As an Education Consultant, I trained teachers and administrators on how to implement the Everyday Math curriculum. 


I believe the most effective teachers are the ones who take the time to understand the needs of each student and teach to the “whole child.”  I have spent over 30 years in the classroom, creating an environment where my students have a voice, feel safe to make mistakes, and feel proud of their successes.  


I can recall far too many parent-teacher conferences where the parents felt disappointed, frustrated, and fearful that their child was not meeting their high expectations. The pressure the parents felt trickled down to their child. I witnessed too many children coming to school with stress, anxiety, and even depression.  


My mission is to help children and their families lower their stress, increase their happiness, and develop a love of learning.  I am excited to continue my mission as a consultant with MindFull Education. 

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