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How to SET and GET your GOALS

In this week's Vlog, I discuss how to set a goal so that you're more likely to follow through and get your desired outcome. The only way you can reach your goal is if you have an emotionally compelling enough reason to take the actions associated with that goal. My three-step process helps you focus on exactly that.

This topic was prompted by Erica who wrote in with the following question:

"I've read all the books, watched the videos, and gone through therapy. I've even have a degree in early childhood development. I was even a teacher for a few years before I decided to take time off to raise my two kiddos.

The problem is, I know WHAT I need to do but when it comes to actually doing it, to implementing the solution, I can't seem to break out of my old habits. When we're having a good day, I feel like a great mom! I'm fun, silly, and relaxed. But when things get stressful, or I'm tire, or my kids aren't cooperative, I yell, I nag and I give into the tantrums."

In this video I review my three-step-process for setting goals. This process does a few things:

> Tricks your subconscious mind into associating taking action with feeling pleasure.

> Helps you ground your actions in your values instead of your emotions.

> Pre-sets your intentions so that your actions are more intentional rather than habitual.

> Helps you to build awareness throughout your day.

> Gives you an emotionally compelling WHY behind WHAT you do.

It's simpler than you think! I go over it step by step in the video above.

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