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All week Q&A: Elementary school homework, 7 tips [VLOG]

"What’s the best time for homework when your child has executive function challenges that leave him exhausted after school? Is it better to keep up momentum and just encourage them to “get it done” or is a break a better idea? How long is too long? Any other recommendations for making homework time less frustrating for elementary school age children? We’ve been considering getting a swing set or trampoline to use after school, before homework. Thank you!" - Suzanne

This may be an unconventional message - mainly because I don't believe that most of the homework assigned to elementary school kids is meaningful or that it actually enriches their education. In fact, it turns a lot of kids off of school, and makes their parents' lives miserable after school.

Nonetheless, here are 7 tips for helping your kid with homework time while building a closer connection and helping them develop their executive function skills.

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