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STOP homework battles with baby steps [Vlog]

Hi parents,

Before you watch this, you should know where I stand with homework and our current system of schooling.

I believe our standardized, assembly-line system of education (in the USA) is deeply flawed and in need of radical reform.

While I do believe some homework can be meaningful and can teach valuable skills, I think homework in general causes more harm than good.

In this video, I outline step-by-step how I use homework as a vehicle to help my students build their executive function skills using easy baby steps. This is in response to the question: "How can I best motivate my child to even start their homework?"

You will learn:

1. Why motivation techniques, rewards, and punishments don't work.

2. How to get to the root of this pattern and help your child transition into homework time.

3. How to use baby steps to help your child develop better habits.

All my best,


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