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Calm your nervous system & heal trauma through breathwork [INTERVIEW]

Hi parents, I'm thrilled to bring you this interview with my personal meditation and breathwork coach, Jeannie Kulwin. I can say without hesitation that this is one of the most important conversations I'll share on this Vlog. Here's why... Many of us (myself included) go OUT OF OUR WAY not to feel our feelings. We would rather...

  • Binge watch TV shows

  • Binge eat carbs and sugars

  • Drink alcohol

  • Smoke Cigarettes

  • Work ourselves ragged

  • Run up credit card debt on "retail therapy"

  • Spend countless hours on social media and gaming

While this stuff provides us with some momentary relief, we know it's really a way for us to avoid dealing with our uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. So, on top of the built-up stress, we pile on the self-criticism and shame...and so the cycle continues. How do we break this vicious cycle? How do we recharge our batteries and have enough energy to be present for our family? How do we actually reduce our stress and heal our trauma? How can we teach kids do the same? There are no cookie-cutter answers here... Each of us need to embark on our own self-care journey and find what works for us. I hope that sharing my personal journey helps to illuminate the path forward for you.

In Service,


PS. Connect with Jeannie at the links below.







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