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How to teach your kid Executive Function if YOU struggle with it too?

Parents, TEFOS (The Executive Function Online Summit) starts this Friday Aug 20-22. Register free at this link:

Today I joined TEFOS host, Seth Perler, in his Facebook group to answer a question we both hear often.

"How do you teach EF skills to your kids who struggle with it if you also struggle with EF?"

Seth and I reflected on four benefits of being a differently-wired parent to a differently-wired kid, and how to help your kid become a proactive problem-solver. It's a great conversation full of actionable advice that will help you no matter where you find yourself on the executive functioning spectrum.

Don't forget, TEFOS starts this Friday, Aug 20. Register free CLICK HERE.

When you register, you'll also get an email invite to two Live Zoom Sessions on Saturday, Aug 21st that I will be hosting exclusively for TEFOS.

Saturday, Aug 21 Live Sessions (time zone converter)

  1. 9am PST ... 20 min Guided Meditation featuring the Parent's Tao Te Ching Readings

  2. 12pm PST ... 30 min A reflection on the Six Paradoxes of EF Coaching with Seth Perler

See you there,



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