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Navigating ambiguity in times of crisis [Vlog + Podcast]

Listen to my podcast episode with Professor Nicholas Dungey here:

As California braces for Covid-19, families everywhere are self-isolating and preparing to stay home for what looks like several months (the governor just announced schools will most likely re-open after summer break). To those of you in countries around the world experiencing more severe conditions, I hope you are staying safe and finding comfort in community.

With all the changes, new routines, and anxiety about what's to come, this is an unprecedented time in our lives and in modern history. This is also an opportunity to reflect on what's important, and to connect with ourselves and loved ones.

My hope is that no matter where you are in your relationship with your child right now, that you drop the power struggle and invest in quality bonding; being fully present, holding space, and working together to solve problems.

This week's Vlog is about navigating ambiguity in times of crisis. It's short a short message (8 min). Instead of sharing practical strategies for your day-to-day challenges, this week I invite parents to have a radically different conversation.

In this new 90 minute podcast, I ask political philosophy professor, Dr. Nicholas Dungey, about the nature of power and conflict in modern western families.

His answer takes us through a captivating story that uncovers the philosophical origins of the modern parent (YOU!), and the role of executive function and executive power in modern western culture.

Parents will learn how to trade power for influence and how to guide your kids to develop self-awareness and self-governance in the age of impulsivity and endless acquisition. (Warning: This is a Deep Dive! Find more awesome podcasts by Professor Nicholas Dungey at

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