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(Replay) Live Q&A with Dayna Abraham

Wow, I loved today's session with Dayna.

We both got vulnerable today at the start of the session and shared some of our personal life experiences growing up with undiagnosed needs.

And, as often happens when two people with ADHD are in charge of time-management, our 20 minute Q&A session turned into one hour so that Dayna could answer every single question you posted!

Here is a list of questions Dayna answered during today's Q&A:

1. My son (14) has undiagnosed ADHD, executive function, sensory issues around food. How do I go about diagnosing it?

2. How do we stop enabling, but continue helping, our EF challenged kids?

3. What suggestions do you have for teenagers to get in touch with their emotions? Thanks & I look forward to hearing your response

4. Ideas for connecting with my shutdown withdrawn 15 yo son?

5. What do I do when during the You-CUE framework I go to Connect with my child and they resist or run away?

6. How do you get teachers to understand that your child’s brain is wired differently, so they don’t think they are not trying?

Check out the video to see how Dayna uses step-by-step systems to help you simplify complex challenges and take confident steps toward calming the chaos in your home.

By the way, my mic stand was really not cooperating today so I apologize for the fidgeting!

In Service,



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