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The Failure of Modern Schooling with Creativity Guru, Jon Pearson [Podcast]

Updated: May 6, 2020


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Jon Pearson is an artist, writer, learning skills consultant, and former classroom teacher. He has worked with more than one thousand schools and one million teachers, students, parents, and administrators around the world.

Jon has spent his entire 35+ year career inventing new ways to engage the people's senses, imagination, and emotions so that they can picture their thinking and double their learning. His techniques are eye-opening, brain-enhancing, and ridiculously simple. Jon's work and mentorship have influenced the way I think and the way I coach for the better.

Throughout the last few years, Jon and I have chatted often about our frustrations with the system of modern schooling and how we can reimagine it to better serve the needs of students, teachers, and society.

In this conversation, we boil down the failures of modern schooling and how to play the game of school without letting the rules suck all the joy out of learning and thinking.

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