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Use the self-assessments and reflection tools below to evaluate where you land on the executive functioning spectrum.

  1. Are You an Alpha Parent? - Learn the difference between Alpha, Controlling Alpha, and Beta parenting styles and take the 'silent movie' test. 

  2. Parent Reflection Guide - Build your self-awareness, mindfulness, (or metacognition) through the skill of reflection.

  3. Parent Self-Assessment - Find where you land on the executive functioning scale in seven critical categories that all parents need to master.

  4. Student Self-Assessment - Help your child build self-awareness and learn about the systems that struggling students need to navigate school.

  5. An Open Letter To Parents - Learn five key causes and effects of micromanaging.


Use these guides to help you take confident steps toward solving your toughest parenting challenges. 

  1. Printable Posters: Alpha Mindset, Debunking Three BS Myths About "Bad" Habits.

  2. Three Key Executive Functions - Help your child with ADHD and anxiety to develop key executive functions. This short guide gets straight to the point. 

  3. Comprehensive Communication Guide - This four part video-guide helps parents assertively  and compassionately respond to their child's oppositional and defiant behavior.  

  4. Success is Not About Motivation, it's About Executive Function - This is a must-read if your child is struggling to keep up in school.  Learn the exact step-by-step methods I use when I work with struggling, neuro-a-typical, or out-of-the box learners. 

  5. Five Ways to Build Your Child's Confidence and Independence - Learn when to let go and how to effectively support your child when they come to you.



Here are some of the FAQ's I have answered through my Vlog and some of my favorite resources from experts in the EF field.

Vlogs geared toward schooling/education: 

  1. Get unmotivated students to take action [Interview]

  2. Stuck in a vicious cycle of failure?

  3. How do I advocate for my child/student in school?

  4. ADHD and procrastination

  5. Three procrastination hacks

Vlogs geared toward parenting:

  1. How to build emotional tolerance

  2. How to handle/prevent temper tantrums

  3. How to stop yelling at your kids

  4. Four mindsets of AWESOME parents

  5. Think, walk, talk, & act like an ALPHA 

More about me: 

  1. Four reasons NOT to hire me [Video]

  2. About me and the families I serve

  3. Why work with an Executive Function Coach?

  4. My cure for boredom [Blog]


Great Resources:

  1. Dr. Russell Barkley's 30 Essential Ideas for Parents - a highly-recommended and very comprehensive lecture (3 Hours). 

  2. Dr. Ross Greene's CPS Model and free online tools:

  3. Dr. Thomas E. Brown's ADHD model offers the most up-to-date understanding of ADHD.

  4. A day in the life of a child with Executive Functioning issues - by, a leading resource for ADHD.


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