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Reclaim your brain to STOP YELLING [VLOG]

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a certified coach, author, and co-Founder of Impact ADHD, and co-creator of Sanity School. This week she hosted a workshop called "Why are you yelling? Taming the Triggers and Turning the Family Volume Way Down."

In this Vlog, I walk you through her four step process for taming your triggers and explain why and how it works to radically shift the energy in your home.

Here are the four steps:

1. Recognize the threat 2. Reclaim your brain 3. Choose a perspective 4. Re-direct your action

This process is sure to give you at least one 'AHA' moment!

PS. One of the tips Elaine shared really stuck with me, it was so fascinating, so simple, and SO so powerful. Check out the video to learn more.

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