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How to Get Unmotivated Students to Take ACTION [INTERVIEW]

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A lot of parents operate on the false belief that their "unmotivated" child is unwilling to take responsibility, unwilling to prioritize their tasks, and unwilling to take action when it comes to getting stuff done. Especially stuff your child finds mundane, difficult, or not preferred.

I challenge parents to question this belief.

Because what is often mistaken for a lack of "motivation" is actually a lack of Executive Functioning. When you can understand the root cause of your child's behavior, you can replace nagging, arguing and punishment with compassionate guidance.

What does poor Executive Functioning look like? - Lack of engagement and motivation in academics/school. - Disorganization, losing important items. - Emotional overwhelm and anxiety. - Poor time management, planning, and prioritizing tasks. - Lack of study routine and skills. - Communication, asking for help, and self-advocacy.

Check out my conversation with Alexis Avila of the Prepped and Polished Podcast on the subject of motivation, and learn exactly how I work with "unmotivated" students to help them take and sustain action.

Alexis Avila is the founder of Prepped and Polished - a tutoring and test prep company based out of Boston, MA.

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