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4 Mindsets of AWESOME Parents


Being awesome doesn't mean being perfect. In fact, if you could be a perfect person, that would make you a pretty crummy parent.

Your child would never see you mess up, grow, or change. They wouldn't learn, from your frustration or sadness, how to be frustrated or sad. They wouldn't learn, from your resilience and growth, how to navigate challenges and face their fears.

Instead, your child would feel like they could never live up to your perfect expectations. Each time they would fail, they would feel like a failure and feel ashamed of themselves.

But I digress.

I made this Vlog to teach you the exact 4 mindsets that allow me to be a highly effective coach.

Use these mindsets to help you step into the BEST YOU, so that you can bring out the best in your child.

These mindsets will help you parent more confidently, with more joy, and less stress.

Watch this video if you feel:

  • that nothing you do is "working".

  • frustrated, tired, and angry, and like you can't keep your cool.

  • baffled, afraid, and hopeless about your child's future.

If you're ready to stop punishing your child, stop lecturing them, and start LEADING them, then you're 13 minutes away from knowing how you can be an AWESOME parent.

See you in the video,


P.S., Email me at to share your toughest parenting challenges, and I'll record a Vlog or write you back with a detailed response.

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