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What am I doing WRONG?? Single Biggest Mistake Parents Make [VLOG]

I've been meaning to Vlog on this topic for a while now, because this really is such a common thread among most (if not all) of the families I coach.

This mistake is so widespread, I think, because parents make it with the best intentions in mind. Yet, they lack the awareness of how this one mistake is damaging their relationship with their child.

This mistake is overfunctioning.

Overfunctioning is like a weird, self-reinforcing feedback-loop that keeps parents stuck in a cycle of vicious failure.

It's driven by the belief that you aren't doing enough when, in fact, you are doing too much.

Many times, when one parent is overfunctioning, it's because their child (and/or co-parent) is underfunctioning.

So, you try to do more, to be better, to work harder so that you can close the gap. But all that does is push your child away and create resentment, frustration, and drama.

In this video, I share three daily practices that you can start right now to stop overfunctioning and radically transform your relationship with your child.

See you there!

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